Health & Fitness for Women

Health & Fitness: For Women of All Ages, Shapes, and Sizes

Regardless of your age, shape or size, you’ve probably realized that as a women you have to do twice as much cardio, strength training and clean eating to keep up with your husband.  In general, men have more muscle mass, heavier bones, and less body fat than women, allowing them to burn more calories at rest and for that of equal physical activity. So what can you do to keep up with your man? Put focus and purpose on your health, wellness, nutrition and exercise efforts. Optimize the time you devote to working out and eating right with the knowledge, guidance and experience of professionals.

At Check Total Health, we know how to get the most out of your daily health routine. Whether you spend 30 minutes or an hour with us a few times a week, we will maximize your effort during this time, provide you with tools to continue your fitness when we are not there, coach you on proper nutrition, and give you endless healthy recipe ideas to keep clean eating interesting! Within a few short weeks with us you will feel stronger, sexier, more fit and more confident!

Our Approach

Regardless of your current level of fitness and life stage, at Check Total Health we specialize in providing customized workouts to the women and men of Southwest Florida appropriate for your abilities, goals and well-being. We incorporate strength & resistance training, stretching (Pilates & Yoga), endurance exercises and plyometrics to name a few! There are a lot of women who think that lifting weights will make them bigger, BUT think again! Strength training is better at helping people lose fat than cardio. It also increases bone density and makes functional daily activity easier.

Ladies with young kids…wouldn’t you like to be able to carry them, toss them, and run after them with ease? Ladies who grocery shop (that’s all of us!), wouldn’t you like to load up both arms and make just one trip in from the car? Of course these tasks get easier as you get stronger. In addition, the inside of your body will experience great benefits too: decreased blood pressure, decreased risk for diabetes and heart disease, and decreased body fat!

What are you waiting for?

As you’ve probably realized over the years, there is no magic pill, diet or gimmick that takes fat off and keeps it off. The ONLY thing that works is sustainable healthy eating and a safe/effective exercise plan. Trust the experts to help you with both. Check Total Health is ready to take your health & fitness to the next level. Are you ready to check-yourself?

You can have your cake and eat it too!

At Check Total Health, we believe in real life living. We are a husband/wife team. We eat clean, train mean, but also have fun. We like to eat tasty food, have a few drinks, and indulge in dessert on the weekends to reset our bodies. We love our time with our daughter and enjoy making fitness a family affair. Here are some “real” pictures of Stephanie Check throughout the past few years and various stages of her healthy life! It doesn’t matter where you start, we can take you to where you want to be and the best part is you won’t feel starved or deprived — real life health and fitness for real life WOMEN! 

Hear from our clients who’ve already seen amazing and sustainable results by reading our success stories.  And for more information on health & fitness for women, check out my blog series: Healthy Wife…Happy Life: For Women’s Eyes Only

To get started, contact us for more information. You can also learn more about our packages and pricing for individual and group training here.