Fitness Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching

Don’t waste your efforts by not eating properly! Whether you’re trying to reduce body fat, gain muscle mass, or fuel your body properly for pregnancy, eliminate the guess work by getting on a Check Total Health macro-based meal plan that’s custom tailored to your taste preferences, schedule, metabolism, fitness goals, and keeps the USDA’s recommendations in mind.

Check Total Health macro-based meal plan guides aim to help you understand how different foods impact metabolism and how to manipulate the macro-nutrients in the foods you eat to program your metabolism and reduce body fat. This is the most sustainable way to reduce body fat with the highest potential of results over any other eating plan or diet.

Your custom meal guide lays out a complete breakdown of the most ideal way for you to distribute your foods macro-nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) throughout the entire day and week with numerous different food choices and the appropriate portions for each meal.

Through the meal planning process we also provide nutrition education, tips for healthy cooking and food prepping methods, acceptable store-bought items, and hundreds of example meal plan approved recipes to get you started.

The process:

  • Before & after pictures and basic measurements
  • Detailed questionnaire filled in by you
  • Custom meal plan tailored to your body, day, tastes, schedule, etc.
  • Initial meeting (1-1.5 hours) to go over the custom plan
  • Weekly weigh-ins and discussions
  • Coaching/revisions as necessary

Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll check-in weekly and coaching is done to make revisions and adjustments to your plan according to your results and struggles.

**All meal plan meetings/coaching are done via the phone and web**

Whether you’re local in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, or Bonita Springs or live outside of sunny Southwest Florida, Check Total Health can help with your nutrition needs. Meal plan packets can be requested by emailing:

Custom meal plan w/ 8 weeks coaching & revisions: $300

*all forms of payment accepted; 3.5% convenience fee added to credit card payments