Fitness Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching

*individual results may vary

Your Custom Nutrition Challenge

The process begins with a questionnaire to gather information on your history, current health/eating habits, goals, weekly schedule, and food preferences/tastes. Your custom meal plan is tailored to your specific needs based on the information given and then adjusted based on results and feedback. Once you’ve reviewed your plan, we setup a phone call (1-1.5 hours) to go over the education, objectives, and expectations.

The goal is to build you a daily menu of foods that you can feasibly execute and that also adheres to the discussed guidelines and principles of your custom meal plan. We provide shopping, prepping, and cooking guidance to help you prepare and execute your custom meal plan. We also discuss and address the eating habits that are negatively impacting your weight/health and develop a plan on how to transition to a better balance of eating.

The main objective is to have a smart, well-balanced meal plan for you to follow 70-80% of the week that will optimize your metabolism and keep you in a good energy balance so you can “splurge” weekly (20-30%) while maintaining a healthy weight and good body composition. After all, life is short and we should get to indulge regularly and “have the best of both worlds” as much as possible! We must, however, be empowered and make sure we maintain good health/body composition in doing so.

The expectations of the nutrition challenge offer you a much higher chance of being successful. Over the course of our time together, you will receive nutrition coaching as needed to help you through the transition period of executing your plan and establishing the new habits. We offer numerous resources to help you with this in a way that works for you.  You will also be asked to weigh-in via text every Friday morning for accountability by taking a picture of your weigh-in and sending it for review. When results are hindered or lacking, we setup a phone call if needed to discuss the issues that are sabotaging your results.

On average, people who do the nutrition challenge lose 11-12% of their body weight within 8 weeks, 12-15% within 12 weeks and 15-20% of their body weight within 16 weeks; however, many have lost much much more! You also learn a tremendous amount about nutrition and the science-based approaches to eating that have proven time and time again to be the most sustainable and effective practices to reaching your highest potential of results!

**All meal plan meetings/coaching are done via the phone and web**

Whether you’re local in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, or Bonita Springs or live outside of sunny Southwest Florida, Check Total Health can help with all of your nutrition needs wherever you may be! Meal plan packets can be requested by emailing:

Custom Meal Plan w/ 8-Weeks of Nutrition Coaching: $400

Custom Meal Plan w/ 12-Weeks of Nutrition Coaching: $500

Custom Meal Plan w/ 16-Weeks of Nutrition Coaching: $600

*all forms of payment accepted; 3.5% convenience fee added to credit card payments