Mobile Fitness Training

Check Total Health makes working out and getting fit CONVENIENT! All training options and packages can be done at home or at any indoor or outdoor destination of your choice. Check Total Health is Southwest Florida’s premier mobile personal training company servicing Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

Personal Training: Get the personal attention you need from a fitness professional who truly cares about your results. You’ll receive a customized exercise program with workouts designed around your schedule, health needs, and fitness goals – implemented in a one-on-one setting. It’s an ideal approach for those with special needs, chronic health issues, limited exercise experience, pregnant women or anyone who prefers a more intimate training setting. We begin with a brief consultation to go over your health history, exercise history, and what you wish to accomplish while training. The first workout is an assessment of your current condition and tests for thresholds, strengths, weaknesses, and proportionate/relative strength – that way we can track your progress over time.  We’ll keep your health issues and fitness goals in mind throughout your training regimen that will be progressive in nature, but scaled accordingly. Anyone committed to a personal training package also gets FREE nutrition coaching throughout the process.

Group Training: Have friends or family members looking to get more fit too? Group training is affordable and fun! With music blasting and a wide variety of exercise stations that continuously mix up the workouts, everyone participating is sure to be motivated and have a good time! Group training is best suited for those who have at least moderate exercise experience and can maintain proper form in a group setting. The workouts typically start with a warm-up of stretching, Pilates, and light aerobics. Then we move on to a full-body circuit of various exercise stations that include lower body, upper body and total body exercises, functional movements, power movements, and cardiovascular exercises. To finish, we cool down with some ab/core exercises. Not to worry, there are appropriately timed breaks throughout the workout! Group training workouts can also be customized to your group’s liking and fitness goals…just ask! For those looking to push their body to the next level and get quick results, we also offer higher intensity boot-camps and cross-fit style workouts.

Corporate Wellness:  Get your employees and co-workers exercising! More and more companies are reaping the benefits of offering wellness initiatives at the workplace. The numbers have shown time and time again that healthy employees are not only more productive, but also absent less due to illness and chronic health issues. You can help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your team by providing easy, accessible, and affordable fitness training options right on-site. We can offer various classes and personal/small group training options, as well nutrition counseling and office stretching. We can also provide all the fitness equipment if needed. Please contact to setup a consultation.

Youth Training: It’s estimated that 33% of American adolescents are obese. Put the video games to bed and let’s wake our kids up! Youth workouts can be designed simply to keep your kids interested and involved in staying active and exercising regularly or to help condition them for a particular sport. The workouts can include outdoor activities, sport-related exercises, and physical education. We also encourage and educate kids and teens on healthy eating habits throughout the process.

Check Total Health is happy to accommodate any and all of your fitness training needs…just ask!